New products for Access Control, Time Accounting, Building Automation and Security Management
  1. TMC display in Siedle Vario (15.02.2013)

    As of now we offer a Siedle Vario module (BM611) with an integrated 4 line LCD display. This module is combinable with a specific card reader or can communicate directly with the access controller. More …

  2. Discontinuation of XMP-TMC24xx line (29.01.2013)

    The product line XMP-TMC24xx is discontinued and will no longer be available. For a short time we are able to deliver the current stock parts as spare parts. The successor of this product is the new XMP-TMC23xx. More …

  3. DHCP / DNS support (12.12.2012)

    for XMP-K32, XMP-K32SX, XMP-K12, XMP-CMM, XMP-TMC3500.

    As of now the management software XMP-BABYLON provides DHCP / DNS functionality, which means that the IP addresses will be assigned automatically to our access controllers or standalone time & attendance terminals. More …

  4. Key diversification (23.11.2012)

    With the Key diversification feature of XMP-BABYLON the access control security can be increased in substantial way. Currently, this feature is available in connection with MIFARE® DESFire® and UHF badges. Each project identification card is equipped with an individual (derived / diversified) key, which is spontaneously calculated by the system to realize the authentification process to get access on card memory. The use of this function presupposes a preceding encoding of the badge with an appropriate key on the basis of an adequate computation algorithm.

    More …
  5. XMPFailOver - The new Hot-Standby solution (01.10.2012)

    To increase the safe operation of the management system XMP-BABYLON we now offer a complete hot-standby redundancy application XMPFailOver as a simple and affordable solution. This means all relevant system data is stored on an external disk. In case of a breakdown failure of the master server the slave server will start automatically and ensures an uninterrupted operation.

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