New products for Access Control, Time Accounting, Building Automation and Security Management
  1. Integration - OSS Standard Offline (01.2017)

    We are glad to inform you that AUTEC Gesellschaft fuer Automationstechnik mbH has become an official member of OSS Association e.V.®. The current software installation XMP-BABYLON supports all functions of OSS Standard Offline (OSO) available at present. More …

  2. Web configuration of 32 bit door controllers (05.2016)

    As a result of the ever greater demands of centralized and global access control applications we offer an easy platform for a quick start of operation and first test of 32 bit door controllers to our OEM partners and their installers. A test or final configuration can be loaded into the door control unit via an integrated web server without any software installed in addition. This enables the installer to carry out a complete operational check of the equipment without any problems and competent knowledge of the individual access control software. In addition it is possible to compile an inspection sheet for subsequent documentation purposes. More …

  3. Announcement of multi card reader for LEGIC® and MIFARE® (04.2016)

    We are glad to introduce our new multi card reader for the frequency range of 13,56 MHz for LEGIC® prime, LEGIC® advant, MIFARE® Classic® and MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 to you, which is from now on available. With the aid of this reading device the growing requirements of the market, e. g. low-cost migrations of different RFID technologies, can be realized, offering new possibilities on existing and future projects to our OEM partners. More …

  4. Discontinuation of VSX-CPU module and announcement of VEX-CPU module (03.2016)

    As some components of the VSX-CPU module are no longer sufficiently available on the market, we have to discontinue the VSX-CPU module with effect from 31.05.2017. This CPU is used in our products XMP-K12, XMP-K32SX, XMP-CMM and XMP-TMC35xx. The new and more powerful VEX-CPU module will replace the VSX-CPU module in the medium term. In October 2016 the first controllers with the new CPU will be available. More …

  5. W3TMCDL - cross-controller firmware update of SecuCrypt® card readers (02.2016)

    From now on we offer our OEM partners the possibility to start a fast and easy firmware update of all SecuCrypt® card readers or of specially selected ones only via a new W3 dialogue, W3TMCDL.exe. The software XMP-BABYLON loads the firmware of the corresponding card reader in the background and calculates the presumable duration of the complete update, so that a considerable saving of time is guaranteed for our OEM partners. More …

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