XMP-MOBX-200 for connection of third party systems via Ethernet (UDP/IP)

Universal interface converter (also named "MBOXV") for connection of third party systems via Ethernet (UDP/IP) to "Meter-Bus", Video crossbars, fire signaling systems, Cafeteria account and much more.

Converter MBOX-200
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Other third party systems which can be connected to the Babylon system:

Interfaces for video crossbars over MBOXV and dynamic graphics:

  • Redelec
  • Geutebrück Vicrocontrol
  • Grundig VAZ/Plettac VAZ
  • RCA TC1600
  • American Dynamics
  • VIDEV EuroMax
  • Simatrix 648
  • Ernitec 1004M
  • Philips 8000
  • Panasonic SX850
  • Pelco-D Protocol
  • KVM
  • GNC-6V
  • GNC-6S

Special systems:

  • MDK Telephone system

Further interfaces with use of MBOX/V:

  • Firepanel Combination (ADT)
  • Magnetic cards coding box MMW
  • EX ID-Reader
  • Text display at control monitor for car parking lot administration (VideorTechnik)
  • - Siemens Munich
  • Cooling regulation monitor for Newel controller from company Digitel
  • - Desdner Bank
  • Sintony (Guarto Easy)


Product news

Reader interface module

Relais Erweiterungskarte

Interface module for the decentralized door control.
  • RS485 2-wire-interface to K32/K32Lite door controller
  • Supports all K32/K32lite reader technologies
  • Also with 2 integrated Wiegand interfaces available
  • 4 supervised inputs
  • 2 to 4 digital relay outputs

Mullion reader


This access-control reader is as well suitable for inside- and also for outside-areas.

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