Integrated Application - Biometrics

    Biometric authentication methods are based on unique and good measurable biological or physiological characteristics. Whenever a fast and reliable identification of persons is required, biometric authentication is suitable.

    Within the scope of the XMP-BABYLON Security Concept the following methods are available:

    • Fingerprint Recognition was already established in the 1930s and it is widely used in criminal prosecution since then.

      Thus, XMP-BABYLON and Fingerprint Readers of series XMP-TMC280x-FP combine already proven technology with the possibilities of a modern security environment.

      The Access Control System XMP-ACL32 for administration of up to 2.048 persons includes Fingerprint Recognition as a standard feature.

    • Like fingerprints, palm vein patterns are unique and unchangeable to individuals for their entire life.

      Palm Vein Recognition detects the branching pattern of blood veins by means of harmless infrared light. With this data, the algorithm of the controller generates a distinct template, which is compared to the template of the person stored in the internal database. To grant highest security, all templates are filed in a secure environment. The data transfer is additionally encrypted.

      One particular advantage of this hygienic and contactless recognition method is to prevent fraud attempts by means of live detection.

      PalmVein Readers such as XMP-TMC2801-PV are equipped with the PalmSecure technology from Fujitsu® and with different RFID technologies, such as Hitag®, MIFARE® or LEGIC®.

    • Additionally, we can offer you other methods of biometric authentication, like Face Recognition or Iris Recognition.

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