Integrated Applications - Protocol Generator
    Protocol Generator

    The module Protocol Generator is used to define and create customer dependent protocols and reports. System requirements are either XMP-BABYLON Access Control or XMP-BABYLON Time Accounting.

    The administrator can be authorized to set different user rights for access to selected fields within a record of a database.

    Once defined, protocols and reports can be stored for later use to create new reports based on actual data.

    Actual printouts can be issued using the internal scheduler. Reports can be printed on a printer or to a HTML file or it can be sent via email.


    • Creation of customer dependent protocols and reports
    • Free definable content and fonts
    • Optional parameter to refine output
    • Different rights for administrator and user operations
    • Output to printer or HTML file or via e-mail
    • Cyclic or automatic printout using the scheduler
    • Examples: evacuation protocol, alarms for card readers, alarms for badges, number of persons in a room etc.

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