Integrated Applications - Visitor Management
    Visitor Administration

    The module XMP-BABYLON Visitor Management enhances the security concept of XMP-BABYLON Access Control in ideal manner. It guarantees a professional and user-friendly administration of your visitor data and includes the already established security standards.

    The handling is quite intuitive. Authorized personnel can associate visitors or groups of visitors with predefined temporary and/or regional access rights. Furthermore, the module XMP-BABYLON Visitor Management prints individually created visitor identification badges or it generates the printouts directly on paper.

    After expiration date or e.g. on returning it to the reception desk, the badge becomes invalid. Visitor data, which are recorded in the system, can be reused later or updated if necessary.

    At any time an actual overview of all present visitors can be generated. Additionally detailed information about access rights, location of the visitor and host can be displayed. Reports based upon these data are possible at a later date.


    • Full integration in an existing access control system
    • Compliance with already established internal security standards
    • User-friendly desktop
    • Announcement of visitors using a web interface as an additional option
    • Loggings and reports for monitoring and evaluation purpose

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