Software - Building Automation

    The XMP-BABYLON product line comprises a wide range of components for the controlling and monitoring of facilities, equipment and processes.

    From the simple controlling of elementary measuring elements or valves to the complex management of large amounts of data - XMP-BABYLON products meet the requirement of modern automation technology both flexible and customer-oriented.

    By connecting the very versatile XMP-GA Modules even larger automation systems can be realized fast and easily. Also additional requests for modification or extension will be accomplished without any difficulty.

    Sample applications:

    • Energy efficiency of buildings is an important contemporary issue in facility management.

      Due to the innovative technology of XMP-BABYLON the energy consumption and accordingly the operational costs can be optimized with simultaneous consideration of the users' demands for convenience.

    • In addition to the monitoring of working time with XMP-BABYLON Time Recording and Accounting solutions, workplaces can be adjusted to the needs of the customer using XMP-BABYLON Building Automation

      Some examples are: regulation of night setback, electric lighting, ventilation system or even the regulation of manufacturing machines depending on the presence or abscense of employees in a building or in a relevant part of a building etc. .

    All products of XMP-BABYLON Building Automation can be perfectly combined with the hard- and software components of:

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