AUTEC GmbH offers a wide range of standardized and customer-specific interfaces to external systems.

Among the standards supported on request, the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is worth mentioning. It is based on a standardized RS-485 interface with AES-128 encryption and is particularly widespread on the US market.

The OSS Offline standard, a standard initiated by the German OSS Association e.V., guarantees that locking systems of different brands can read the same access rights from a card and interpret them in the same way.

Sample applications

Below you will find an excerpt of all interfaces that have been realized in the past. The exact technical details must be clarified in each case in advance.

  • MSSQL (Master data, Logs via UBI3)
  • Nagios® IT-Cockpit (Alarm evaluation via UBI2)
  • Kemas WinkeyNet (UBI3 service, XML Data importer and File interface)
  • Kemas WinkeyNet (UBI3 service, CSV File interface)
  • ThyssenKrupp elevator control via access levels (UBI3 service)
  • Schindler interface (UBI3 service)
  • Geutebrück® GSC
  • NiceVision® .NET 2.5R2
  • Dallmeier electronic®
  • HeiTel®
  • Pelco®
  • Bosch® VMS
  • Colorado (File interface via UBI2)
  • Hydra (File interface via UBI2)
  • PAISY (File interface via UBI2)
  • Export of time events (UBI3 service)
  • Import of master data (UBI3 service)
  • Import of approved bookings
  • Import of approved absences
  • Export of calculated wages

The workflow definition needs to be created and set up by the customer.

  • Transmit of bookings via TCP/IP
  • Import of master data from file
  • Export of access bookings
  • Import of rights for parking lots
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