Product modification XMP-TMC36x3

Due to numerous requests of our system partners regarding design and function of the present series XMP-TMC36x3, from now on the order numbers will change. All new orders will be delivered in the new design and in part with extended functions. More …

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Integration of phg_crypt protocol

As of now our 32-bit door control units are supporting the phg_crypt protocol for controller/reader communication via RS485. Please contact us for technical information regarding functional scope, tested 3rd party readers etc.

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Workflow for Time & Attendance in the 64-bit version only

On 01.05.2019 the 32-bit version of our Workflow for Time & Attendance will be discontinued. It will be replaced by the 64-bit version. We recommend our OEM partners who use the 32-bit workflow to switch to 64-bit in the medium term. The migration will lead to some changes in the license and pricing structure. Customers who use the 32-bit version and have licensed more than 1000 persons are requested to contact our customer support before upgrading.

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XMP-K32 is replaced by XMP-K32EX

The 32-bit door controllers of the XMP-K32 series will be discontinued with effect from 01.04.2018 and will be replaced by additional software extensions for the XMP-K32EX series. In this way we achieve more flexibility in the projects, because with simple and cost-effective software updates we meet the requirements of our end users optimally. More …

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New reader generation XMP-TMC3050 and XMP-TMC3060


We are glad to introduce our new card reader generation XMP-TMC3050 and XMP-TMC3060 which are designed for access control applications in combination with our management software XMP-BABYLON. Both card readers have a SAM socket to fulfill the permanently growing security requirements of the market. Via a serial interface (RS485) the card readers are connected to the door control units XMP-K12, XMP-K12EX, XMP-K32SX, XMP-K32EX, XMP-K32 or XMP-CMM. The data communication is done by SecuCrypt® 2.0 protocol which is high-end encrypted. More …

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Integration of OSDP V2 crypto protocol

As of now our 32 bit door control units are supporting the OSDP V2 (Open Supervised Device Protocol) crypto protocol for controller-reader communication via RS485. More …

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Product news XMP-eLock


Due to rising market demands for electronic knob cylinders, door fittings and door handles we have some novelties available concerning our product series XMP-eLock. All extensions are included in the latest firmware versions of knobs cylinders, door fittings and door handles. More …

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