XMP-BABYLON is a powerful, secure, flexible, continuously enhanced master software which has been used for about 30 years for the implementation of high-end customer-specific solutions in the areas of access control, time accounting, security management and building automation.
  • Developed for Windows 7, 10, 2008R2, 2012, 2016
  • Multi-user capability and network support via TCP/IP and UDP/IP
  • XMP-BABYLON branch software for synchronization of databases and logs
  • 256-Bit Blowfish- or AES datagram encryption
  • Option for additional encryption of connections using TLS V1.2
  • Online monitoring of all connected devices
  • Up to 2048 Door Control Units with up to 8 Card Readers per system
  • Up to 600.000 badges per Door Control Unit (offline)
  • Global anti-passback feature, valid throughout the system, via direct internal connection
  • Elevator control with authorization check for up to 192 floors
  • Up to 64 workstations per system
  • Up to 64 additional graphical workstations per system
  • Up to 66 temporary profiles per cardholder
  • A redundant XMP-BABYLON system is available as an option, which increases the operational reliability
  • 64 open software interfaces enable communication with third-party systems (e.g. SAP® R/3® HR via TCP/IP)
  • Integration of monitoring and control functions within the building management system
  • Unlimited number of graphics to visualize alarms and processes
  • Video log
  • Integration of digital video recording systems, e.g. Bosch® VMR, Geutebrück® GeViScope, NiceVision®, Dallmeier electronic®, NETAVIS®, HeiTel®
  • Optional user-defined time recording and accounting
  • Guard tour patrol system for monitoring e.g. security guards at appointed checkpoints
  • Transmission of alarms via e-mail or text message
  • Interfaces to key cabinet systems
  • Software interface for transmission of XMP-BABYLON alarms to external CCTV systems
  • Contamination monitoring in the pharmaceuticals industry to ensure time-limited access restrictions
  • Software to export alarm- and event- log entries and cardholder records to a SQL database
  • Integration of third-party systems via OPC-Server / OPC-Client
  • Workflow
  • Integrated SNMP server
  • Announcement of visitors using a web interface as an additional option

Access Control

Access Control

Guarding and protection of persons and property is our profession. Since more than two decades, we develop and produce security technology for highest demands.

In close cooperation with our OEM partners, XMP-BABYLON hard- and software products were continuously optimized. As one of the world's leading suppliers on the market of access control, we offer a fully configurable high-performance access control system, which is fast, secure, flexible and innovative.

The data is stored in a secure environment. The data transfer is encrypted with high-grade encoding techniques. Furthermore, XMP-BABYLON branch software permanently updates the customers's personnel master data at all its branches worldwide. Thus, even in case of large corporations, data security and data consistency are ensured at all times.

Several interfaces guarantee the integration of multiple access technologies and different types of identification, such as identification badges, card readers and card reading technologies.

  • Administration of up to 1 000 000 cardholder records
  • Unlimited number of access profiles
  • XMP-BABYLON branch software for synchronization of databases and logs
  • Up to 10 000 access levels
  • Visitor management software
  • Temporary profiles
  • Import software for cardholder records, clock-in/clock-out events or time recording
  • Graphic module for the visualization of alarms and processes
  • Picture comparison software
  • Integrated module for badge layout definition
  • Alarm messaging via e-mail or text message
  • Security module for monitoring access zones
  • Administration of key cabinets
  • Graphical user interface for creating, modifying or deleting cardholder records and access profiles

XMP2GO mobile Access

mobile Access

From now on, we offer an access control solution for the digitization of RFID credentials. Since all data or virtual credentials are securely created and managed on the XMP-BABYLON server, there is no need to use a cloud (Access on Premise).

The mobile credentials are sent to the user via email and imported into the XMP2GO® app via smartphones. As an additional security, a PIN code is generated for each credential, which at best is communicated to the user via a second channel (SMS or telephone). This PIN code is only used to verify the person, i.e. the smartphone does not know if the PIN code entered matches the PIN code stored in the database. This verification is done by the XMP-BABYLON server and/or the door controller. To prevent manipulation, the PIN code which is automatically deleted depending on the security requirements (after 1 to 24 hours, after closing the app or after each booking), must be entered via the smartphone into the XMP2GO® app.

For the encryption and decryption of the mobile credentials (AES-256-GCM), a key generated by the customer must be stored in the door controller and on the XMP-BABYLON server. In contrast to other mobile solutions, the Bluetooth module does not take over the decryption of data, as the card reader is located in the unsecured area, so the door controller takes over this task. Therefore, a theft of the card reader still secures the project, as no key information is stored in the card reader when using XMP2GO®. Likewise, the interception of the mobile credential is not critical, as without knowledge of the PIN code and the project master key, which is stored in the secured area (XMP-BABYLON server and door controller), a decryption or compromise is not possible.

Appropriate security procedures to avoid men-in-the-middle attacks have been taken into account and can be excluded according to the current state of the art. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

  • Support of Smartphones with iOS or Android Operating System
  • No storage of sensitive data in a Cloud (GDPR)
  • 4-8 digit PIN-Code
  • Optional display of allowed readers in the App
  • Administration of up to 1 Million Credentials
  • Unlimited number of access profiles
  • Mobile as a card function:


Time Recording and Accounting

Time Recording and Accounting

A significant feature of XMP-BABYLON time recording and accounting is its modular structure, which allows us to offer a custom-fit solution for any application purpose.

XMP-BABYLON time recording and accounting can be perfectly combined with XMP-BABYLON access control and XMP-TMC card readers.

  • Administration of up to 1 000 000 cardholder records
  • Unlimited number of time profiles
  • XMP-BABYLON branch software for synchronization of databases and logs
  • Workstations for correcting time events
  • Web-based time recording terminals
  • Web-based time correction terminals
  • Administration of rosters
  • Automatic shift recognition
  • Payroll data transfer in ASCII format
  • Period-end billing
  • Work order time recording
  • Protocol generator

Security Management

Security Management

XMP-BABYLON is a fully configurable control system for integrated facility management.

The comprehensive and unique graphical user interface facilitates visualization and control of the company's security system.

Established CCTV systems, cameras, phone and radio systems can be integrated as well as notification monitoring of third-party systems (e.g. fire alarm system, parking accounting system or radiation dosimetry system).

XMP-BABYLON will provide custom-fit applications to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Sample applications:

  • Video activity detection / motion detection to assist security guards at large gatherings of people
  • Guard patrol tour assistance
  • Radiation dose rate measurement
  • X-ray scanning of objects
  • Administration of up to 1 000 000 data points
  • XMP-BABYLON branchsoftware for synchronization of databases and logs
  • Graphic module for the visualization of alarms and processes
  • Guard tour patrol system
  • Transmission of alarms via e-mail or text message
  • Integration of Geutebrück® picture recording system MultiScope
  • Integration of NICE® picture recording system NiceVision®
  • Integration of HeiTel Digitalvideo® picture recording system
  • Integration of NETAVIS® picture recording system
  • Integration of Dallmeier electronic® picture recording system
  • Video logs
  • Security module for monitoring access zones
  • Software to export alarm- and event- log entries and cardholder records to a SQL database
  • Customer Protection ID
  • User-programmable OPC Server for XMP-BABYLON
  • OPC Client for XMP-BABYLON

Building Automation

Building Automation

The XMP-BABYLON product line comprises a wide range of components for the controlling and monitoring of facilities, equipment and processes.

From the simple controlling of elementary measuring elements or valves to the complex management of large amounts of data - XMP-BABYLON products meet the requirement of modern automation technology both flexible and customer-oriented.

By connecting the very versatile Building Automation Modules even larger automation systems can be realized fast and easily. Also additional requests for modification or extension will be accomplished without any difficulty.

Sample applications:
  • Energy efficiency of buildings is an important contemporary issue in facility management. Due to the innovative technology of XMP-BABYLON the energy consumption and accordingly the operational costs can be optimized with simultaneous consideration of the users' demands for convenience.

  • In addition to the monitoring of working time with XMP-BABYLON time accounting solutions, workplaces can be adjusted to the needs of the customer using XMP-BABYLON building automation. Some examples are: regulation of night setback, electric lighting, ventilation system or even the regulation of manufacturing machines depending on the presence or absence of employees in a building or in a relevant part of a building etc.

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